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Why do they say Data is the new Oil?

The phrase “data is the new oil” is often used to highlight the immense value of data in the modern economy, similar to how oil has been a fundamental resource powering the industrial and technological advancements of the 20th century. This analogy, popularized by Clive Humby in 2006, underscores several key parallels between data and oil, underscoring the role of data as a crucial asset in the digital age. Here are the main reasons behind this comparison: 1. Valuable Resource Just as oil has been a critical driver of economic growth, technological innovation, and geopolitical strategy, data is now seen […]

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What is the theory behind Data Project ROI?

A data project’s Return on Investment (ROI) quantifies the financial return compared to the project’s cost. Calculating ROI for data projects can be complex and varies significantly across different initiatives and industries. However, the essence of measuring ROI in this context involves assessing both tangible and intangible benefits against the investment made. Here’s a breakdown of how ROI for a data project can be approached: 1. Cost of the Data Project This includes all expenses related to the project, such as: 2. Benefits of the Data Project Benefits can be direct (tangible) and indirect (intangible), such as: 3. Calculating ROI

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Our Approach to Social Responsibility

Like many small businesses, Cloud Perspective wants to take its Social Responsibility seriously. In our case, we like to be active participants and we also like to address issues that even a business of our small size can be helpful with. It’s amazing what a few hundred pounds a month can do and although the temptation is to bung a few thousand pounds to a national charity and say “there, done!”, so much more can be achieved on a local basis. Here at Cloud Perspective, we have taken this local approach, and for us, that means: When previously based in

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Manisha’s Journey

Manisha joined Cloud Perspective at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown in April, and we have been tracking her progress throughout these uncertain times. 6 months later we catch up with Manisha to find out how she’s getting on. Looking back, how do you think your first 6 months of work, during the COVID-crisis, has potentially differed from starting a new job under “normal” circumstances? “In terms of the work we do, operating in the cloud and with clients across the globe, I think my experience would have been very similar working from the office as it has been working

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Cloud Perspective welcomes new recruit!

Fraser is the second new recruit to join Cloud Perspective in the last six months, joining the team as a Trainee Data Consultant working with a range of global clients to help in their digital transformation. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the interview process was carried out entirely online, via video conferencing, and Fraser has started his new role at Cloud Perspective, working from home. Prior to joining Cloud Perspective, Fraser worked part-time for a dentist training school assisting with their data, whilst studying part-time at the University of Manchester, working towards an MSc in International Development. Fraser Maidment said:

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