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Baby Bundle Update 

Since October 2022, Cloud Perspective began working closely with Stroud District Kids Stuff to provide newborn baby bundles to families in need in the area. Here’s an update on what’s happening. What’s a Baby Bundle? Each newborn bundle contains essential items for a family welcoming a new baby. The items are a mix of donations and new products, all sourced by parents who know their stuff. The teams have taken special care to provide the most needed items, which can be personalized depending on the family’s needs. Each month, we prepare and pack seven bundles, which we then deliver to […]

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A Day To Remember: Team Building And Insights From Our Manchester Core Day 

Introduction  In the fast-paced world of technology, taking a moment to step back, connect, and reflect as a team is great. That’s precisely what we did during our recent core day at our Manchester offices; a day filled with insights, collaboration, and, most importantly, fun.  MORNING: Energised Beginnings Our day started bright and early, with the team gathering at Beehive Lofts in Manchester. The agenda was packed with interactive sessions designed to foster creativity and innovation, and by the end of the day, we were buzzing with new ideas and perspectives. Usually dial-in, the All-Hands meeting was held in person,

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Why do they say Data is the new Oil?

The phrase “data is the new oil” is often used to highlight the immense value of data in the modern economy, similar to how oil has been a fundamental resource powering the industrial and technological advancements of the 20th century. This analogy, popularized by Clive Humby in 2006, underscores several key parallels between data and oil, underscoring the role of data as a crucial asset in the digital age. Here are the main reasons behind this comparison: 1. Valuable Resource Just as oil has been a critical driver of economic growth, technological innovation, and geopolitical strategy, data is now seen

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What is the theory behind Data Project ROI?

A data project’s Return on Investment (ROI) quantifies the financial return compared to the project’s cost. Calculating ROI for data projects can be complex and varies significantly across different initiatives and industries. However, the essence of measuring ROI in this context involves assessing both tangible and intangible benefits against the investment made. Here’s a breakdown of how ROI for a data project can be approached: 1. Cost of the Data Project This includes all expenses related to the project, such as: 2. Benefits of the Data Project Benefits can be direct (tangible) and indirect (intangible), such as: 3. Calculating ROI

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Cloud Perspective welcomes Fiona to the team!

Tell us a bit about your time before Cloud Perspective  I graduated from the University of Glasgow in June and joined Cloud Perspective at the end of September. I studied statistics and really enjoyed it as the subject of my degree. I knew coming out of university that I was keen to use the data-handling and analysis skills that I had developed in whatever career I went into, so I started looking for jobs in the data and technology sector.   I didn’t know exactly what job I was hoping to find, but after reading up on what it means to

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