Cloud Perspective welcomes new recruit!


Fraser is the second new recruit to join Cloud Perspective in the last six months, joining the team as a Trainee Data Consultant working with a range of global clients to help in their digital transformation.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the interview process was carried out entirely online, via video conferencing, and Fraser has started his new role at Cloud Perspective, working from home.

Prior to joining Cloud Perspective, Fraser worked part-time for a dentist training school assisting with their data, whilst studying part-time at the University of Manchester, working towards an MSc in International Development.

Fraser Maidment said: “I am excited to start my new job at Cloud Perspective and am extremely grateful to have this opportunity during such uncertain times. Everyone on the team has been very welcoming, and they are always happy to help, via a quick message, or a call on Microsoft Teams.


Fraser, like the majority of office workers across the UK, is experiencing a new normal in the workplace and considers the benefits to home working and what he misses from being in the workplace: “The best thing about working from home is not having to travel to the office, I have more time to do exercise in the morning or evening now. 

“However, I do enjoy working in an office because I like interacting with people. This is the main thing I miss about it. We are all looking forward to returning to more interaction and more time in the office.”

Co-Owner and CTO at Cloud Perspective, Miranda Pocock said: “When the Coronavirus crisis started impacting businesses in March, we were already geared up for home working – being a business in the cloud, but were interested to see the impact it would have on our staff.  However, due to the nature of our business, we have been extremely busy, are in growth, our team is fully occupied and we are delighted to be recruiting.

“We welcomed our new recruit, Manisha, at the very start of April, and she is doing excellent work already. Now we are happy to welcome Fraser to the team as our newest Trainee Data Consultant and we are continuing to recruit with 1 or 2 new Data Consultants needed to join Cloud Perspective over the coming months.”

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