Our Approach to Social Responsibility

Like many small businesses, Cloud Perspective wants to take its Social Responsibility seriously.

In our case, we like to be active participants and we also like to address issues that even a business of our small size can be helpful with.

It’s amazing what a few hundred pounds a month can do and although the temptation is to bung a few thousand pounds to a national charity and say “there, done!”, so much more can be achieved on a local basis.

Here at Cloud Perspective, we have taken this local approach, and for us, that means:

  1. Identify an issue where our small-scale giving can make an identifiable impact
  2. Identify a local partner who can help facilitate the plan
  3. Create a press release for the local press
  4. Encourage wider interest in the project

When previously based in Wigan, we formed a strong relationship with a local foodbank, The Brick around Period Poverty https://www.thebrick.org.uk/the-brick-launches-wigans-period-poverty-network/.

Our small investment of around £11,500 over three years enabled The Brick to constantly maintain 13 “Red Boxes” in local secondary schools, The Wigan Civic Centre and the Wigan Investment Centre.

In that case, things snowballed, A quarterly “Period Poverty” action group was set up, involving The Brick, a secondary charity, local schools and the council. We run multiple events in local schools by pupils to raise money and awareness.

Eventually, we like to think we played a small part in the government’s introduction of “Period Poverty” funded support in secondary schools.

With our relocation to Stroud, our new scheme is providing “Newborn Bundles” to deprived and immigrant mums, whom we have found out leave the hospital with a baby and nothing else, no baby products and no self-care product. We’ve found our partner, https://www.strouddistrictkidsstuff.org.uk/, and we’ve written our press release, we’re excited about what happens next… watch this space!

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