Baby Bundle Update 

Since October 2022, Cloud Perspective began working closely with Stroud District Kids Stuff to provide newborn baby bundles to families in need in the area. Here’s an update on what’s happening.

What’s a Baby Bundle?

Each newborn bundle contains essential items for a family welcoming a new baby. The items are a mix of donations and new products, all sourced by parents who know their stuff. The teams have taken special care to provide the most needed items, which can be personalized depending on the family’s needs.

Each month, we prepare and pack seven bundles, which we then deliver to the maternity units, 3 to the Stroud Maternity Unit and 4 to the Gloucester Maternity Unit.  

two people are loading up bags of baby supplies in front of a window
Laura and Ali pack up the baby bundles ready to distribute to the local midwives.

Who’s Involved?

Stroud District Kids Stuff is leading the project in Brimscombe Mills. It is a self-sustaining not-for-profit business that provides great service to those in the area. In addition to the on-site shop for second-hand baby and children’s items, Kids Stuff holds regular family events and brunches. Other events include drop-ins from parent and baby specialists.  

Nikki, a continuity midwife from Gloucester, has told us how grateful she is to the Cloud Perspective team for providing essential items to some of the most vulnerable women and their newborn babies in Gloucestershire. She has noticed the positive impact the bundles are having on their lives, and she regularly receives thankful feedback from the mums! She explained, “Seeing the smiles on their faces when they receive their Bundle is amazing. Thank you so much!” 

Cloud Perspective has two team members ready to assist in the ongoing packing and delivery of the bundles. Laura and Ali work in our Stroud office. They are both parents who are passionate about the project. 

Laura stands in front of Stroud Maternity Hospital with 3 sacks of baby items
Laura delivers this month’s bundles to Stroud Maternity Hospital

Why did we get involved?

We recognise that there is a significant gap in support for vulnerable parents due to the rising cost of living and other economic issues. We have spoken with midwives and doctors in the area, and they are seeing an influx of new referrals. They are all struggling with the cost of living and are unable to support their children’s well-being.

We firmly believe no one should feel ashamed to ask for help regarding their children’s needs. We want to create a readily available resource that allows these parents to get what they need when needed without requiring a lengthy referral process or asking around.

Our mission is to empower those in need and give them the best possible start for their children. 

In Closing

Please keep a look out for our social media posts regarding this initiative! 

Know a business owner or individual who would like to help? Get in touch today; contact 

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