Felix’s Journey

Felix joined Cloud Perspective in June of 2022 following a short time working in the environmental sector after leaving university. We catch up with Felix a few months into his journey as a Trainee Data Consultant to see how he has progressed.

Tell us a bit about your time before Cloud Perspective. 

“Before joining Cloud Perspective, I studied Marine biology at Southampton University and took the skills I learned there into an environment-based role. However, after a year, I decided I’d had enough of getting cold and wet in fields across the country and wanted to move to an office-based role, taking the data-oriented skills learned from my degree into a completely new career direction.” 

How have you found integrating into working life at Aston Down? 

“It’s been great! Aston Down is a fantastic place to work with lots of interesting things to see on your lunch break (there’s a local glider club nearby)! “ 

“I was initially a little apprehensive about working at Aston Down due to the majority of the consultants being based in Manchester; however, our constant communication through meetings and team channels has made working with everyone incredibly easy. This ease of communication has also allowed me to work from home when needed, something I am incredibly thankful for while studying for my salesforce certifications.” 

What was your first week like with the company? 

“I found my first week really enjoyable. I was very fortunate that the week I joined coincided with the first whole company social event at a local winery,  which meant I got to meet all of my Manchester-based colleagues in person (and drink some excellent wines with them). I think this really helped me integrate with my team well and brought me closer to them. I also learned so much in my first few weeks, from getting to know the Salesforce and Informatica platforms to meeting with clients. It was an enjoyable learning curve that has really set me up for my work today.” 

Speaking of your role today, how has it changed over the months you have been with us? 

“When you first join, the senior members of your team will immediately try and fit you into projects that need help, setting up important but achievable tasks for you to work on alongside your initial training. Then, over time, these tasks increase in size and level of responsibility until you find yourself owning whole sections of projects. This is something that I’ve enjoyed immensely, as it has really allowed me to get my teeth into things and fully explore the systems we work in. It’s also been great to know that there\’s always someone in the company you can ask if you’re not sure about something, and this has really helped me boost my confidence in client meetings when presenting new ideas or querying them on their requirements. I know I wouldn’t have had a better experience elsewhere!” 

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