Ellie’s Journey

Ellie Greenhalgh joined Cloud Perspective in September of 2021; five months later, we caught up with Ellie to find out how she was getting on.

Ellie joined the team as a trainee data consultant in her first full-time role after graduating from the University of Manchester with a BA in Business Management and Spanish Language following her graduation. 

Due to the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 crisis, the interview process was carried out entirely online via video conferencing, and when asked about the virtual recruitment process, Ellie said:

“My first interview consisted of an informal chat with CEO Martyn Leman and CTO Miranda Pocock, and my second interview was more formal with a member of the delivery team discussing the fit of my skill set to the data consultant role. This interviewing experience was different from previous interviews I had done, I felt like I got an understanding of the position, the company as a whole and what to expect in my first week and months at Cloud Perspective. This gave me confidence when transitioning to my first week as I knew I could bring skills to the team.”

Ellie started her new role at Cloud Perspective, working from the Manchester office with a range of her colleagues.

“I felt very fortunate in the fact that my first week at Cloud Perspective was spent with the Manchester-based team at the office. This made my entrance to the company very smooth, and I adjusted very quickly; everyone offered (and continues to offer) a friendly helping hand when needed.”

Since starting her new role, Ellie has adapted to a hybrid working environment whilst developing her data skills and is busy getting involved in new projects, working independently but with the rest of the team on hand.

Elle and the team at The Beehive

“From the first week, I was involved and assisted in projects. Now five months on I have been given more responsibility and have been increasingly involved with some exciting clients.

I am taking the first Salesforce exam next week, and I have had time to study alongside project work, although these two aspects often intertwine because I have completed the practical application of the study topic whilst assisting with client work.

After my first week at the office, I have been incorporating a hybrid work environment into my schedule, which I think gives a ‘best of both worlds’ perspective. I get to interact with my colleagues on a daily basis, both in person in the co-working space and online, whilst working independently on days I desire to work from home. It gives fantastic diversity to the working week. In addition, my colleague Manisha and I travelled to the Cotswolds office last week for an exciting few days, meeting CEOs Martyn and Miranda in person!”

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