Cloud Perspective welcomes Fiona to the team!

Tell us a bit about your time before Cloud Perspective 

I graduated from the University of Glasgow in June and joined Cloud Perspective at the end of September. I studied statistics and really enjoyed it as the subject of my degree. I knew coming out of university that I was keen to use the data-handling and analysis skills that I had developed in whatever career I went into, so I started looking for jobs in the data and technology sector.  

I didn’t know exactly what job I was hoping to find, but after reading up on what it means to be a data consultant, I was confident that it was something I would really enjoy. 

How have you found integrating into working life at Beehive? 

I have really enjoyed joining the team here at Beehive and getting to know everyone. The whole team is so friendly and everyone has really welcomed me in.  

The Manchester office is a nice, relaxed space to work in. Being in the office is great for the company, as well as being able to collaborate easily with others on projects.  

Both the offices in Manchester and at Aston Down are very linked together. The whole team is in constant communication through meetings and messages.  

Even when working from home, the job is still very sociable as there’s never a day that I’m not in meetings with at least some of the team. 

What was your first week like with the company? 

 My first week at the company was very exciting. The company set up training workshops for me scheduled over the first couple of weeks. A different team member led each workshop and covered a different element of the job. These were so helpful in giving me an overview of the different products we use and being a great way to get to know everyone on the team.  

At Cloud Perspective, you are involved in projects from the start, so even in my first week, I was joining customer meetings and helping with tasks. Sitting in on meetings at the start helped me understand what the role of a data consultant is and how we communicate with our clients. 

Speaking of your role today, how has it changed over the months you have been with us? 

I have been at Cloud Perspective for four months now and have learned so much in that time. I am hoping to sit my first exam next week, so I am busy studying for that at the moment.  [Editor: She passed! Well done, Fiona!]

I have loved getting more involved in specific projects and being given the chance to build relationships with clients.  

Last week, one of the projects that I’m involved with had a big launch date so there was lots of work to be done for that to ensure the project was delivered on time. I learned so much from working so closely with the other team members and being given responsibility for parts of the project.  

I am glad to have joined the team at Cloud Perspective and be part of a company that emphasises continued learning and development.  

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