21 Nov 2015

But I'm only 4

Whoowee, we got accused of not being a startup this week.

OK we've been around for 4 years now, but we still think it feels like a startup. We're still doing something very different to our peers in the Salesforce ecosystem and we're still making a huge difference for our customers.

Also, because we started so small, with Miranda and me in my loft at home and we've trained all of our staff straight out of university, the place feels young.

Late 2011 - In the loft

When we started the business we decided to take the best bits from other places where we've worked and because we're late bloomers we had plenty of source material. So when we moved into our first 'proper' office we wanted to make it nice.

November 2012 - June 2015 Our first proper office

We've just moved in to our new place or Cloud Perspective 3.0 as I've been calling it, we have room for 16 people, possibly 20 at a push which is a statement of our intent as we currently employ 10.

July 2015 - Cloud Perspective 3.0

So we reckon we're still a startup we still feel very fresh, we feel ambitious and we're going to change the world one perfected customer data set at a time.

Besides we must be a startup.... we've just got ourselves a bar!

Martyn Leman


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